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    I love my Pre.
    I have is patched, themed and hacked to perfection.

    Details: Sprint. 800Mhz SuperKernel. 50+ patches. WebOS 1.4

    Last night I went to see IronMan 2 (which was awesome). My buddy and I bought tickets early, went to a smoothie place and chilled. I had my Pre charging via USB and both of us were using Mobile Hotspot. During which I was sending and receiving texts. We left to get good seats, sending and receiving texts no problem. Prior to the movie I was reading an article on Engadget about the future of HP-Palm, sending and receiving texts, and even attempting to answer trivia questions that these two guys were asking before the previews started. All of this was happening in smooth, enjoyable, quick, responsive, 800MHz badass Pre type fashion.

    10:30 movie, put the Pre away. Upon the movie's completion I pulled it out of my pocket to check messages/emails and it ran just fine. Just like I was used to. On our way home, however, it began to slow down. The phone is cool to the touch. I'm not using Navigation. I had Tweed up where I proposed to Scarlett Johansson, and messaging. It started doing that whole, "I'm going to stop being awesome for a few seconds and remind you I'm a first gen device" thing. So I did a full device restart.

    The problem persisted.

    It took me 3+ minutes to make 2 phone calls back to back. Thats THREE minutes to load the phone app and try to search for a number, twice.

    It has continued all day today. I've run the WebOS Repair tool. But it is literally taking about 60 seconds to open the messaging app. I can barely get a single message out. I've restarted the phone 5 times or so. There is literally NOTHING running. I've discovered that I'm not getting multiple texts. And I've just gotten word that a particular message I've sent, was told (by my Pre) didn't go through, and resent, was actually send "like 5 times"

    Any suggestions?
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