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    I am getting the following error when I try to install any theme:


    I do not presently have any themes already installed on my Pre.

    I have deleted and reinstalled Preware. Checked to make sure all my managed feeds are on and updated all feeds.

    I have also run the WebOS Repair Utlity.

    Still getting the error message.

    Thoughts? What else can I tell you?
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    Just don't install themes they cause more problems then there worth.

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    I appreciate that, but I'm trying to resolve this DiffStat error. Anyone have a suggestion here?
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    usually this is because you have something already installed that conflicts with the theme. What else have you patched in the launcher?

    What theme are you trying to install.

    Even though you say you don't have a them installed, use QuickInstall to revert to the default theme so make sure there are no remnants of your failed install.

    Also, be sure to do a power off/reset of the phone before trying again.

    Finally, there are some themes that can be a problem (and no I don't remember which one bit me) so you might have to start by installing a theme that is known to be simple and working. Always fully remove your theme before trying to install another one. Painful, but needed until you know the behavior to expect from various themes.

    Most people find one they like, and then never change because it requires two reboots and an uninstall/reinstall each time you want to change... That's a good 15 minutes of your life you wont get back every time you want to change themes.
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    Good information. I have a lot of patches installed.

    I can't install ANY theme - I'ved tried several. Preware says I have no themes installed. I'm not sure how QuickInstall will revert to a default theme when it shows I have no theme installed.

    I've also done the Repair Utility twice.

    Weird problem for sure.
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    Just a thought ... would it have anything to do with the package mgr service?
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    Im not sure about the package service because I am not a developer. But, even if it doesn't make sense you really need to use QuickInstall to revert to the standard theme. That will actually replace the theme files with what came with the phone. It's the only way I know of to ensure no remnants of a failed install, unless you want to doctor...

    You shouldn't have to remove lots of patches, but you also might want to consider removing any that relate to the launcher because I've found those to be where I've seen conflicts. That makes sense to me because a patch that allows extra pages might conflict with one that is trying to mess with scroll arrows or fade bars, etc.

    But first, try using QuickInstall to return to the default theme, and then do a power-off reboot of your phone. Really.
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    how do you do that - revert to default theme - in WOSQI?
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    Yeah a lot of people have problems installing themes from preware. Open quick install and try it that way and see what happens.

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