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    OMG you're missing such a biggie! I need voice dial!! I hate having to pull over the side of the road to place a call when I have a bluetooth headset! It's a $375 fine here if you get caught! My old (now 5yr old) Samsung cell had voice dialing! I consider voice dial should be a standard feature on phones these days, it's a safety issue!


    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    Let's put together a list of our favorite basic patches still not yet in webOS. By basic, I mean something that is just a feature or an option that webOS should include that other phones already have. And, hey, why don't you drop a note to palm directly:

    Here are 31 basic patches could be added almost as-is to webOS. They are for the most part just missing options and do not require added clock cycles and should not cause any extra battery drain.
    Browser: Option to Send Link with Messaging.
    Browser: Change Number of Bookmarks to 100 bookmarks - missing capability.
    Calendar: All-Day Events in Month View (just a missing feature)
    Calendar: More Reminder Alarm Times options
    Calendar: Snooze Duration Selection (just a missing feature)
    Calendar: Wrap Location Field (just a missing feature)
    Camera: Improved Filename Format - as "PRE_YYYY-MM-DD-hhmmss.jpg" instead of a serial number.
    Camera: Sound Toggle - Green - adds a green shutter sound On/Off button.
    Clock: Alarm Daily Options
    Clock: Enable hidden clock option
    Contacts: Additional Contact Number Options - adds the phone labels webOS is missing!
    Contacts: Swipe to Delete - add Swipe to Delete in Contact List
    Email: Additional Days for Syncing Mail - sync back months or even a year!
    Email: Add more sync time options
    Email: Delete From Notification - Adds a delete button to the Email Notification.
    Email: Send All Contacts via Email - Missing backup option: Facebook, Palm Contacts,etc.
    Messaging: Character counter (no reason not to have it)
    Messaging: Message Signature Option to automatically add your Greeting or Signature (like "-Joe")
    Messaging: SMS Tone Per Contract options
    Mojo: Faster Card Animations default to the 2x one. Slow motion is only fun for replays.
    Music Player: Ignore 'A', 'An', and 'The' in Artist and Album Names - so it sorts correctly.
    Music Player: Swipe to Delete Music
    PDF Viewer: Prevent Removal - corrects error that lets user delete PDF Viewer app.
    Phone: Call Duration in Call Log (just a missing feature)
    Phone: Call History During Call (just a missing feature)
    Phone: Match State to Area Code - look up state if no Contact or Caller ID name
    Topbar: Brightness in Device Menu - Add Brightness Control to Top Bar Device Menu
    YouTube: Copy URL (link) to Clipboard - to paste in email/message. (missing feature)
    YouTube: Hyperlinks in Descriptions -enables URL (links) in YouTube descriptions
    Video Player: Video Download - Save a video on your phone. (missing feature)
    Video Player: Swipe to Delete Videos - This will add the ability to swipe to delete videos.

    Some basic patches would need to be turned into options to be added to webOS:
    App Launcher: 4x4, 5x4 icon options
    Calculator: Vibration/haptic feedback option
    Calendar: Default to Month View
    Calendar: Default to Week View
    Calendar: Notification Repeat Options
    Calendar: Alarm Daily Options - Set alarm times for each day of the week.
    Contacts: Vibration/haptic feedback option
    Email: Disable LED notification for emails - but still blinks for missed calls & messages.
    Email: Vibration/haptic feedback option
    Email: Notification Repeat
    Mojo: Faster Card Animations - 2x, 4x, and no animation at all! - Freaky fast!
    Mojo: More Autoreplace Words options
    Mojo: Reduce Drag Radius to 8px, 10px, or 15px - options for better drag response.
    Mojo: Virtual (On Screen) Keyboard - works in portrait or landscape modes
    Phone: Dialpad Tones Off Option
    Phone: Notification Repeat options
    Phone: Vibration/haptic feedback option
    Topbar: Add Date options
    Topbar: Add Brightness slider option
    Topbar: Battery Percent (Icon, %, both, or none options)
    and 100 other options we have had on other phones

    Probably the biggest patch of all is the Music Player (Remix) app. It gives you back a dozen key features that the Treo 600 had in 2003. To this day Palm will not allow it to even be in the Palm Catalog...but we have it!

    So far, Palm has only adopted 5 of the that users have created. Palm could take 20 of best patches at a time and have a gigantic release every month for a year.

    What other basic patches should be added to this list?

    - Craig

    For more on patches see:
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    How about having a better Launch Bar? And like I haven't said it before a better PIM!
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    4 digit dialing (where you type the last 4 and it finds it), and scrolling backward through the contacts. I have asked for that one twice, lots of interest, but no patch yet. No biggie. Still an awesome phone.
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    A "Vibrate THEN Ring" option...
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    i said it in the patch forum and i'll say it again...the pre is garbage without patches. period. REALLY gimped. And for no good reason. We are all beta testers for these "features" that palm seems unwilling to add. why are they trying to be apple?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    We need a patch that allows volume controls to be distinct for each app. That's how PalmOS works...

    It drives me crazy that changing the speaker volume on a call will also change the ringer volume, alarm volume, etc. I still can't quite imagine what Palm was thinking in not having that in WebOS 1.0

    I also think that being able to change themes should be a high priority. It's a competitive differentiator, and something that everyone (even my non-tech friends) have a tendancy to do (like changing greeting and wallpaper on dumb-phones)...
    When i am in a call it only changes the call volume and does not change the ringer or music volume that is rather strange that you are having that prob maybe something is bugging in your phone?
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    I would really like a "dismiss with text message" for incoming calls. There are many times when I can reply with a text, even when I can't talk. I really miss this feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    Not in all cases, I can think of a few patches that I use that others may not like to use (always charge on plug in to USB, Today Menu drop down from top). I do agree some patches could be built in as options in drop down menus of certain apps. Also some patches are not Palm's fault but the fault of the carrier (sprint removing the call timer, hiding certain carrier installed apps).

    I agree but lots of the patches available should have been there in the OS from the beginning or should not have been removed by a carrier.

    SPECIALLY the ability to either beam, email, text or other methods and IPK file to another phone it is a basic function which we do not have available to us (that is underdeveloped)

    landscape view of emails and text, Battery display, character counter, enable add/delete pages, select alert and notification tones, swipe to delete, wrap pages, virtual keyboard?, total msg counts etc...

    hopefully in a couple of years most patches available will deal with very specific user needs that like "always charge on plug in to USB"
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    +1 on Keycaps!
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    Remove the "call ended" notification after the other party hangs up.
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    Tere are two things i'd really want:
    1) a search option in calender, like google. I don't use google, because of to many sub maps
    2) the option to record a call like the treo did on pressing the side button.
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    I would like a patch that when I am on the phone the text/email notification goes silent. Right now, whenever I am talking and get a notification the person I am speaking to and my me hear the notification. Kinda sucks...
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    The Toggle 3G in menu patch SHOULD be in WebOS as a default, I am shocked that it is not already in there. The temperature monitor could also be an option that should be in there, just because leaving the phone on a charger DOES make it run hot.
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    i want the center button on sprint pre to wake up phone from sleep mode pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease !!! we need access to the center button palm!!!


    I WANT A SIMPLE SPEED DIAL PAGE... i got a quick dial app but still u have to open the persons name...then hops u to phone laucher and u have to press dial... i want to view a list of my top 10 people i there name and viola- dialing!! DING DING
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    My most wanted patch right now (that still doesn't exist) is a scroll bar in the web browser. I would die for one. Sadly, Android OS is the only OS I've seen this do perfectly and I would love for my Palm Pre to do it.
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    A better on-screen keyboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTeedee View Post
    OMG you're missing such a biggie! I need voice dial!! I hate having to pull over the side of the road to place a call when I have a bluetooth headset! It's a $375 fine here if you get caught! My old (now 5yr old) Samsung cell had voice dialing! I consider voice dial should be a standard feature on phones these days, it's a safety issue!

    Voicedail is not a patch...that is a full fledged application requiring mic API's in the SDK that HPalm hasn't even released yet.
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    One patch I want but haven't found yet is the ability to once again sort contacts by category. For work I don't always remember a clients name and it would be a dream if I could get my "Clients" and "Past Clients" category filters back.
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    Enable/Disable Emoticons in messaging.
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vortmax View Post
    A "Vibrate THEN Ring" option...
    ooohhh i like this
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