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    Hi all,

    I have recently be having some touchscreen issues with my Pre.

    I was playing the Helicopter games trying to beat a high score that my friend set on the device (1154 - which is darn difficult to beat), and my battery flashed up as 0%. I immediately went to a USB port and plugged in the Pre to get some juice in it.

    Ever since then, the touchscreen has been a bit dodgy. Sometimes it works fine, but other times when I wake it from sleep, touching the screen results in a touich being registered in a random place on the screen - making it extremely difficult to get anything done on the phone - tapping the menu can result in opening the phone app etc.

    Has anyone experienced this before?

    I assume its software and something bad has happened when the battery ran low which triggered this - although I don't see how a low battery can have caused damage to the touchscreen driver, unless some system call has a bad memory leak which is causing havoc smewhere (This i doubt).

    Anyone else had any similar problems?

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    Gonna have to hang my head in shame about this one...

    I just gave the touchscreen a really good clean with a lint free cloth and it seems to be fixed...

    Forget these things are capacitive these days - must have had something conductive on the screen.

    Well at least I didn't doctor it!


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