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    So I bought a Palm Pre in October 09.

    Since then I have added patches galore (Facebook Chat, IM Plugins, themes whatnot)

    One thing I have not done is overclock my phone. I have the 125-500mhz patch enabled though to increase battery life.

    And recently my phone was somewhat choppy and laggy. The menu would stutter and react really poorly, and apps would open slowly and choppy. Too many Card Errors with no cards open.

    Also, the phone would sometimes restart on its own.

    Well, just today the phone locked up and restarted, and Pre is now a freaking SPEED DAEMON.

    It only takes it like 30 seconds to boot the entire OS, apps take milliseconds to load, and the whole UI is amazingly responsive and smooth.

    Even Google Maps opens in like 2 seconds.

    I dont know what the heck is going on...but I like it.

    I will take a video of it in action sometime soon.

    (PS, I checked and the CPU scaler is still thats not it)
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    I want what you have! haha
    are you on webos 1.4?
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    I need to see this!
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    dont restart...EVER
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    lol can't wait to see a video of this
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    Must be a secret OTA update that enabled the GPU.
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    30 secs to reboot? The end is near.
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    Interesting and I wouldn't reboot either...May lose your Happy Time Pre!!!

    Looking forward to more info, video or otherwise.

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    You sure it was the entire phone rebooting? When Luna restarts it looks like a reboot, but it's just the GUI. I (and many others) have had Luna crash and restart. Anyways I call BS until you post the video
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    Don't worry Palm is working to fix your malfunctioning Pre, it will be back to the good ole Pre in no time.
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    Are you traveling near the speed of light?
  12. #12're Palm is smokin'! Or...what are you smoking? just kidding. Please keep us up to date on this tale of the Palm on steroids! Wasn't there a movie with john Travolta where he was struck by lightning and suddenly accelerated all his cognitive functions? Any thunderstorms nearby the other day?
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    seeing is please
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    Maybe I'm just being negative, but are you sure you just hadn't done a full restart in a couple months?
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    can you get a video camera and post a demo?
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    This kind of reminds me of how a light bulb will get real bright before it burns out.

    If I were you I wouldn't keep it in your pocket close to any reproductive organs you may need some day
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    Enjoy it while it lasts, lol.
    Video please!
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    Where's the video?
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    OK here is an update:

    It is running really fast...and I think the restart was just a Luna Restart, because I restarted again and it took the usual 2 minutes but it still is running super fast.

    Something that does have me worried: The battery is running out like super duper crazy fast.

    It went from 90% to 67% in like 7 minutes. O_o

    That lightbulb theory might not be too far off.

    I dont have a camera on me (im visiting the familiy) other than my Pre's camera...which would be hard to film its own self with.

    I will film it on tuesday granted its still fast.
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    tuesday?!... well thats no fun.
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    Palm Pre Plus may 2010-now

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