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    I'm trying to use the send video via sms but the receiver is unable to receive the file. My wife is able to send video sms with her pre. I thought the problem may have been the add vid to sms patch so I removed it. Still no go. The extension is mp4. I can play locally but can't send. My wifes files are .3gp

    Any clues why?
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    Size limitation? What's the exact error?

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    file too large. I noticed they where 2mb. But it's not like I selected large files MP4
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    Your phone records the videos as mp4, but if the file is too large it will transcode it into 3gp for sending over the picturemail system. It is still possible the video is too large for the system.
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    A friend sent me a video via text (he has an iphone) so I received the video in .3gp format. I'm able to play the file, however I'm not given an option to save the video locally. Is this the case with all .3gp videos?
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