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    I only turn it on when I'm at my house. There aren't a lot of hotspots in my city (just at restaurants and stuff) and I have the data to use, so I use it. Unfortunately, the wifi receptors in phones are kind of weak, I guess? In this room I'm in, the wifi on m PC is functioning perfectly, but on my the Pre and the Moment, it keeps going in and out, mostly out.
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    Hardly ever have wifi on at all. My DSL (AT&Tyahoo) blows, so 3G is pretty much the same a lot of the time (when it comes to using on a phone).
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    i use mode switcher to turn wifi on when at work or at home and off when not at these locations -- you get much better milage from the battery on wifi the data and it is quicker too. i turn off all radios at night via mode switcher so i don't get late night wake ups
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    I keep wifi on all the time. Have the phone set to only check email when I manually tell it to do so, keep GPS and location services on, wifi always on, and my battery life is fine. Heavy use runs it down of course, but this is manageable. 5 hours sounds way off.

    Of course, since I bought a touchstone none of this matters-- my phone is always on it if I'm at home, just because it's so awesome.
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    wifi on ALL the time. Only exception is when the EVO is stronger than the wifi signal
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    I use Wifi every now and then, I have a 20Mbps download speed at the home, so thats handy for some things. But honestly, if I'm at home, I'll just use my laptop for most things.
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    Before the last upgrade, i was having a similar issue where the wifi would drain the battery in a few hours. I would have to toggle the wifi off when I didn't absolutely need it. After the last upgrade, however, it has been back to normal, so I leave it on all of the time again. I have it hit the wifi both at home and the office.
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    Usually leave it off unless I know I'm in a good wifi area.
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    3G's faster than wifi so I never have wifi on...
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    Wifi is on constantly.....doesn't seem to have a negative impact on the battery life. I did do two alternating days with the Wifi being turned on only when I was within range of an open connection. Comparing the battery life between 'on full time' and 'on when needed' didn't show any meaningful difference. (Part of what can mess up the measurements is that no two days are exactly equal in the amount, and type of usage that the Pre goes through)
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    Always on - cuts down on my minutes used drastically. (I have the 450 minutes plan but with WiFi I seldom use half of that amount - it is like Sprint giving me unlimited).
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    Ok, I figured it out. At home I have 4-5 bars, mostly 5. At work I have 1-3 bars, mostly 2. At home my Pre is nice and cold, even with WIFI on. At work my Pre is warm (sometimes hot) with WIFI on. At home the phone went all night on standby without loosing noticeable charge. At work the phone might get 5 hours on standby. It's not the WIFI that's killing the battery life (my earlier thought), but the phone constantly searching for a better 3G signal.
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    mine is never off
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    i dont want my pre contantly searching for wifi signal so i turn it off when im not at home
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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaNoHair View Post
    Always on - cuts down on my minutes used drastically. (I have the 450 minutes plan but with WiFi I seldom use half of that amount - it is like Sprint giving me unlimited).
    Could you please explain? I'm a relative Pre Newb - WHAT exactly is the relationship between having Wifi ON and minutes used in a plan? If Wifi is on and I make a call to a landline during the day does it "not" count against my minutes used on my monthly plan??

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    always on.
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