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    So first off, I love the Pre but I've had some bad luck with it.

    I bought one from Sprint when it first came out, had it for about 2-3 months and then dropped it into some water. I tried the whole alcohol bath, rice drying method, but nothing seemed to work. Of course I didn't have the insurance from Sprint (stupid me :'( ).

    So it took me until last month to justify buying one off of ebay. When I got it, it was in way good condition so I was excited. Too bad it had a bad ESN and I couldn't activate it! Luckily I was able to return it and get my money back (seller even paid for return shipping!).

    So last week I just bought another one on ebay. I checked the ESN this time and when I got it there were no problems activating it.

    But for some reason every so often (usually once every few days, but twice today), when I try to use it after its been in my pocket or something when I hit the power button to access it, it won't do anything. So I try pushing it a little harder a few more times. Eventually it will come back on for a second and then it restarts Luna.

    Anyone know why it would do that?
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    I'd try taking it to the doctor first. If that doesn't resolve the issue, then it might just be a bad phone.
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    Actually, I got a refurb from an insurance claim (cracked my previous screen) and I just recently started experiencing the same issue after months with no issues. (Actually the refurb was better than my original Pre) It started happening about two weeks ago. Wednesday I doctored it and reinstalled all the patches (with some new ones) and so far I haven't had an issue.
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    There's been lots of people with power button issues that sound like your issue. It's a hardware thing. Search for power button and you'll find some solutions. Mine has the problem. I pulled off the power button off, put a very small wad of paper in, then put the button back on and it works. Read some posts about it before trying it.

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