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    didn't know about radiotime. I don't check the app catalog since it's hard to find stuff. I'll be sure to try your app Doc.
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    there is an AVI codec in preware. Does that help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    there is an AVI codec in preware. Does that help?
    What is it specifically called because I cant find it. And does it allow us to play AVI videos on pre and pixi?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    there is an AVI codec in preware. Does that help?
    AVI Codec?......WHAT!...Where on Preware?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    AVI Codec?......WHAT!...Where on Preware?
    actually it's a WAV codec. It's called 'GSM Wave Codec'. I need it to play the voice messages from our vm system at work (although I don't know why). It's in Preware.

    I hope I didn't misspeak on what all it can play, but I thought this allowed play of uncompressed video such as AVI. (and MPEG is compressed - oops).

    in terms of other codecs, they aren't free. Even mp3 has a cost. Any use requires royalty cost. Unless we can get something like ogg here, we may be limited to html5 (h264?) and flash (maybe someday...)

    what does the pre youtube player use? Is it h264?
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    I think everybody just needs to wait and see if HP decides to throw some money into WebOS. If they want a WebOS tablet edition, they'll most likely include support for WMV/WMA as they are very common for streaming video/audio. With just Palm, it was an issue of cost. WMA alone is very expensive: roughly ~$300,000 (combined cost of Pre and Pixi) annually in addition to $2 a device. The best thing to do on this one is just wait and see what HP decides to do with the OS.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vholif2137 View Post
    My problem is the streaming radio station I can't live without (KTCK the Ticket in Dallas) only streams in WMV.....bleh.....Am I correct that Kinoma or other streaming players used in Classic still don't work due to the lack of WMV codecs in WebOS?
    No, they don't work because Classic is incomplete.

    Kinoma Player 4 EX works perfectly under emulation with emulators like StyleTap and Garnet VM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    The only problem with that is that there so many files posted on the web or sent via email that are in that format... it's annoying not to be able to view them.

    It's almost analogous to the VHS/Beta wars of a generation ago. Most experts (I think) felt that Beta was a superior format, but which one ended up having all the movies at the video stores?


    It's incredibly annoying to not be able to play the huge numbers of .wmv files that I see on the web and come to me via email. If there was at least a conversion app that we could download, that would help.
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