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    my cousin has a ps3,and also has a blacberry he can plug his usb to the ps3 and download movies, pic, etc. I tryd to hook up my pre and nothing and I could of sworn that ps3 runs linux?
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    The latest PS3 update removed that option
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    Yeah they removed the ability to install linux. However that has nothing todo with being able to plug in a usb drive to it. It has to do with what file format the usb partition was formatted to. I believe that for the PS3 to be able to access it it has to be formated to FAT32
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    Yeah, my Pre and PS3 have never played nice. Except for when I dual boot it to YDL.
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    thanx for the info.
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    yeah sorry dude but the usb drive is in the wrong format (not FAT32) so the ps3 cannot read it.

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