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    Without having to keep my internet open all day. Kind of like how I have my email set up?
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    In facebook settings, have an email be posted for every notification. Have that email account on your phone, and then you will have a notification.
    that what your looking for?
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    I think they also have the option on Facebook to enable SMS notifications.

    I haven't looked at my Facebook page in weeks, so my memory may be faltering....
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    The official app does this. Install it. Then in preferences, upper left menu, turn on "WebOS Notifications". It's not instant, but it's pretty quick.
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    you have 3 options (all of them posted above, but thought i'd make one post containing all 3)

    1. get email notfications

    2. use the facebook app

    3. (i think it's what you are looking for) go to facebook, and sign up for sms notifications.
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    Yeah, my facebook app just started doing this with the last update. Make sure you are using the up to date official app from palm and not the web link, in the browser.
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    Like others have said. Install the FB app and turn on notifications. I did this then turned off email notifications so I only get the app notifications now.

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