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    Trying to install PreWare via WebOS Quick Install. It seems to have worked properly, but when I hit the blue arrow, absolutely nothing happens. Anyone have similar problems?
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    Did your computer have internet access at the time? Was your device connected?
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    yes my device is connected, and it detects the device. The computer does have internet access which I don't believe has a firewall (though that isn't impossible, but i have never seen any evidence of it).
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    Go to webosqi, click options at the top, device management, what comes up?
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    when I attempt Novacom reinstallation, I get the message "service removed".

    I apologize, probably shouldn't have started a forum here, don't want to give you bad press as I appreciate your work. I fear I'm not sufficiently tech savvy as the last time I was improving the way my devices ran was in the autoexec.bat and config.sys days of windows 3.1
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    before it was detecting my device; literally even uninstalled some apps. Now all of a sudden its not detecting. The only thing I did in the meantime was attempt nova reinstall; could that be my problem?
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    is your phone in developer mode?
    if its not qi won't recognise it.
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    yes, in dev mode
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    Are you on windows? when you plug your device into the usb port with dev mode on and select just charge, does the usb port icon report a novacom device?
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    sorry PIP, thought you abandoned me. But no, it doesn't.
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    In the past I had the same problem, where clicking the blue arrow just sat there and nothing. What I did was first deleted WOSQI and WebOSDoctor from my machine. Then created an all new directory. Downloaded the latest WOSQI to that directory. Started up WOSQI, which then asked to download the WebOSDoctor. Allowed it to download the new WebOSDoctor to that new directory. Reinstalled Novacom. Clicked the blue button, which took quite awhile, then finally came up with the feeds. Hope this helps.

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