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    can people please list all the good 3-D games worth getting
    Just wondering what games there are and how many.
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    Go to the app catologue and type in gameloft in the search, all the 3d gameloft wil come up. Then type in glu mobile and all their 3d games will come up.

    Personally though, I have asphalt 5, deer hunter and glyder 2. All are good but deer hunter is a little short. Nova and driver look good so might try those next
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    Most will say N.O.V.A., if you like halo you will like NOVA.
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    Glyder2, Nova, ancient frog, asphalt 5, and superko boxing are my fav 5.

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    N.O.V.A seems to very popular. I like Smiles though.
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    Wait for $.99 cent sales (there have been many) and try a few for yourself. It's the only way I will buy a game on my Sprint Pre. I got Glu's Word Series of Poker, and despite JStop running auto garbage collect and no cards open, I still have great difficulty getting it to load and play consistently without "Too Many cards" errors.

    So, for me at least, it's still too risky a proposition to buy full price blindly. $.99 eliminates risk for virtually anyone.

    Oh, and to recommend...I really liked the God of War knockoff Hero of Sparta.
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    Let's Golf and Avatar are my favorites, but Hero of Sparta is very good as well. Super KO Boxing 2 is really fun as well!
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    Are some of the pre games online or multiplayer.
    Talking of online does the pre have a proper flash browser so you can watch flash videos and play flash games?
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    Are there demos for any of the "good" games? if so where
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    need for speed was my first 3d game...but it is waaayyy to short. hero of sparta is my favorite game i've tried so far. mini golf is pretty entertaining, super ko boxing is also. most of the games i've downloaded have been on sale for $.99 so i have a few i havent even tried (real tennis, glyder 2). if i was unsure about which games to get i would wait until there was another sale and get a few at the sale price (even if they end up sucking at least u only paid $.99 or whatever the sale price is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProCision View Post
    Are there demos for any of the "good" games? if so where
    Look in the app catalog.. there's a demo version of glyder 2, or you can just buy the game for 99 cents.
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    I would say NOVA, Uno, Assasins Creed, & NFS,
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    If you search for "3D" inside of the Games category, you will get 30+ 3D games.

    Too bad my iPhone-toting friend just threw a whammy on me...Steet Fighter IV! I played it and would like it to be ported to webOS!
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    I really liked need for speed. Nova is a great game, but i don't like the touch controls (still worth it though.). I would highly recommend need for speed. It's a fun game, and the controls are really tight. Unlike the person above i didn't have a problem with the length. I guess i have lower standards.
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    I've got a few, Hero of sparta,Nova and Hawkz are my most used.
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    honest advice... stay away from first person shooter games like nova and operation sandstorm, the controls are horrible and jerky, and are really waste of money unless you can really put up with the jerkiness and hard aiming.

    Lets golf, driver, super ko boxing 2, fall-e are all great games
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    I love Avatar, that's my favorite, but I also enjoy Let's Golf.
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    What is it with you people and using the word "3d" before any of the games? Every time you guys do that, god kills an angel.
    As far as the best game currently out for the pre it would depend on what GENRE of game(s) you like.. Currently one of the best puzzle games on webos is ancient frog. if you want something that is fairly fun and I believe cheap, super ko boxing 2, which is NOT "3d" so perhaps its not something you are interested in.
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