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    For about a week now I have noticed that it has become quite difficult to hang up a call on my pre. I never had this problem before, it is relatively new.

    It seems like the proximity sensor is super sensitive. When my finger gets within about an inch or so from the face of the pre, the screen goes black. I have tried approaching the screen from every angle but have the same problem.

    So I cannot tap the hangup button in the phone app and I cannot slide the app off the screen without numerous attempts. Yesterday it took me a full two minutes to end a call.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? Just wondering if it has happened to anyone else. I have a replacement warranty with Future Shop so I am considering bringing the phone back to have it replaced by a brand new one.

    Thanks guys, for any suggestions.

    PS where exactly is this proximity sensor on the phone, just because I'm curious.
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    It's under the right side of the ear-piece and you could only really see it in bright sunlight at a certain angle.
    There's a test for the sensor in:
    >Device Info
    >Interactive tests
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    I haven't seen this on my Pre. But I'm pretty sure that the proximity sensor is close to the top of the phone on the front, near the ear speaker bar, just above the touchscreen. Have you brought it in to a service center? Sprint gave me a new Pre when my proximity sensor was not working. Try going into Device Info; Preferences; Test;Interactive Test; Screen then skip forward to Proximity Sensor. This test failed and when I showed Sprint they went in back and gave me a new phone. Good Luck.

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