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    I have a chance to get a brand new Palm Pre for $160. Ive been reading some posts and it seems like some of you like it more than the pixi and some like the pixi more. Is the Pre really that slow when loading things? What other things should i look forward to when getting the Pre? I dont mind small keyboards and my girl friend has a pixi and i dont have a problem typing on that at all, I sort of have small hands. Thanks guys!
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    the only solution to your problem is going to a verizon or sprint store and try the phone out. Things we like may not be the same as things you like.
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    When you say "is the Pre really that slow", you do know that the Pixi is quite a bit slower? The Pixi is, in general, the low end webOS device. Some people like the keyboard a little better, and the form a little better ... but otherwise the Pre is a much better phone.

    The Pre is actually based on one of the better chips (even after a year on the market). webOS is a little "laggy", because it's based around web technology. This means the processor has to work a little harder, but it gives a little more control over the how things work. Personally, I find the speed on the Pre perfectly fine ... YMMV.
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    you can also overclock the pre and it makes it much faster. I think the pre is perfect with 800 mhz
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    Thank you very much. Im going from a Samsung Instinct so im sure the Pre will be a MUCH improvement.
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    How do you guys feel about the keyboard? I dont mind sliding it out to type because ive have a Helio Ocean in the past and loved that thing so there is no problem there. i know the Ocean keyboard was in landscape and the Pre is in portrait.
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    i personally like the keyboard, i used my thumbnails to type and it works out just fine for me
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    Much prefer a physical keyboard to onscreen keyboard.
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    After reading a ton of reviews I thought I would hate the keyboard, or at least only tolerate it, but after a little over a month of owning a Sprint Pre I can safely say that I love it.

    Also, the speed isn't really an issue. People say it's slow but that's only in comparison to brand new phones coming out in the past, say, 4 months. Of course it's slower. To me, it's not slow at all.
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    yeah, the keyboard will take a little getting used to, but in the long run it becomes a breeze and pretty much second nature.

    imo, if you want the better of the 2 phones, go with the pre...but, that's just me (and especially if you go w/sprint as carrier - no wi-fi on sprint pixi).

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    I sort of have small hands.
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    I much prefer the physical keyboard myself to. Also the wifi is awesome to!

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    you must hate Burger King

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