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    Since two days ago, I got my palm to freeze and i need to pull out the battery each time. It freezed twice while using photo viewer to see a particular bitmap. I erase the bitmap but I don't know what else to do if it happens again. I did'nt receive the too many cards issue as before but it's freezing now and not always while using the photo viewer. It happened once while using calendar. Do I have to use web os doctor or wait for the next update hoping it will fix it. I never use web os doctor before. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks.
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    What about an app, have you recently downloaded a new app? I've found one app that will freeze my phone, as soon as I deleted it my phone worked perfectly. I tried again with the same app because I really wanted the app, it froze up my phone the second time so I gave up on the app, I had a conversation with the developer but he couldn't figure it out.
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    if ur phone is freezing i'd suggest putting it in front of some sort of heat source to warm it up
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    If your phone keeps constantly freezing maybe it's a defective make. take it to your local network store

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