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    My palm pre cannot get passed the initial boot screen. The screen that says palm and everything is black. I don't know how or why this happened... I was listening to music this morning and then my song just stops. I go back to the screen before and then it lags up, then I try to turn off the screen with the lock button and the whole screen goes black. It went black extremely similar to how a gameboy turns off(little black stripes appear). At school today I tried 3 times to remove the battery and turn it on but each time it would be at the boot screen for about a minute then shut off like a gameboy. I can't get it to connect to my computer for more than 2 seconds, any ways I can just do a full restore?
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    hold the power button and slide the mute toggle 3 times.
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    When should I do that? Right when I turn it on? Or a little bit after the boot screen comes up?
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    Go to, and download webos doctor for your Pre.

    If you can't connect, I've found the following steps work everytime:

    * Disconnect your usb cable
    * Take off your battery
    * Wait 10 secs
    the next steps you have to do them keeping the volume up button pressed.
    * Press volume up (keep pressed)
    * Connect your usb cable to your computer and your Pre (a big battery icon with a question mark should appear)
    * Connect your battery (remember to keep the volume up)
    At this moment you should have a big usb icon on your screen.

    You can now run webos doctor and restore your Pre

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