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    lol yeah how on earth do you stream video to the phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jezer29 View Post
    Yesterday I went out to a bar for cinco the Mayo Yeah!!! And I notice this girl with a Palm Pre.. She's taking come pics with it and then she hops onto FB.. I noticed that she's using the mobile website ( So me being the nice techy person that I am, I ask her "why do you use the site for FB, why not use the app?" I then go and show her my phone and show her my FB.. She say "How did you get that?" I tell her go to the app catalog.. She 1st blurts out as she hands me her phone.. "I hate this phone" I just smh.. When I tap the app catalog.. To my amazement the terms and agreement screen comes up.. This chick as never used the app catalog, so my next logical question was "How long have you had this phone?" 7 months she says.. SMH I then proceed to dl the FB for her, she then notices that my icons are different and askes me about that.. I told that is my theme and there alot that you dont know about this phone that would make you change your mind about it.. But of course she could care less cus she just needs it for simple thing I guess.. But I just couldnt believe it.. Where and who did not do their job in informing this customer what the phone does? Why do electronic retarts even bother buy phones like this.. Its just something I had to share
    Maybe its time for Palm to start including themers and such in the actual interface rather than forcing people to use third party add-ons? Those kind of things would really increase users, I think. People are all about things being "custom" for them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by staeit View Post
    lol yeah how on earth do you stream video to the phone?
    I think he's talking about slingbox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jezer29 View Post
    She's taking come pics with it and then she hops onto FB..
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtn View Post
    I just want to be able to eat and keep the light out at night.
    Is there an app for that?
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    Sorry this reply is so many months later....

    I'm sure slingbox does it easier and better, but I've been using Orb installed on my win media center pc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgroomes View Post
    My wife is the same way. I got her a Pre Plus because of the VZ buy one get one free promo (she said she need a smart phone). It's like buying a Ferarri for your grandmother. I add apps for her phone in the event I need hers because I left mine behind. Otherwise it would be a phone that serves as a paper weight. By the time she figures out how to use it it will be obsolete....

    I swear. we must be married to the same woman.
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