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    Hello all

    Is their any way to make the back speaker louder?

    The pre speAker is so weak compared to a blackberries speaker

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    Nope..unless a patch is made. :-(
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    Anyone know if theirs a patch?
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    What does this button do?

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    what about the front speaker?
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    Goto this link, someone found out which files need to be modified, it was easy to do.

    Hope this helps!

    I did it for the external jack for wearing the wired headset.

    The procedure is the same for rear speaker, front, etc., just be careful not to boost it too much or you WILL blow your speaker out!

    And it can be done for 'bluetooth' as well.

    It's just different files for each speaker type, but it's same changes in each of the files.


    UPDATE: But it would be nice if someone could just make a patch for these changes for those that can't or are too scared to do it themselves. But in the meantime, just read all the information and work slowly and make copies of the original files should you make a mistake.

    And remember, you are downloading a file with a name that ends with ***.css (I think that's the last three characters) but you have to modify the file name to ***.txt so you can edit the files with NotePad or some other type of text editor such as 'EditPad Lite' (that is a PC version of a text editor and I'm sure there is something for the Mac as well).

    Good Luck!

    It works perfectly and finally fixes what Palm changed starting from version 1.3.5 and up, I guess to protect peoples ears and to prevent speakers from getting blown. So make sure you don't increase the volume too much or you WILL BLOW the speakers.
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