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    Does anyone know of and RSS Reader that will scroll articles in the Dashboard of the Palm Pre (or something similar)?
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    Man .....someone should develop something like this! Bet it would be a hit.
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    I'm content with Newsroom. Having anymore than a notification in my dashboard is a nuisance.

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    I'd still like to see at least an OPTION within Newsroom to have a ticker scroll headlines across the bottom of the dashboard.
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    That would be nice, I had one like that on my treo pro and it is a very good idea to incorporate into webos.
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    I just tried to go to their site (Newsroom App) and add it as a suggestion but was not able to get it to go through. If you get a chance .......go ahead and suggest it. The more of us that request it, the better the chance that it will get incorporated.

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