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    Hi All,

    I am considering the Pre Plus from Verizon because of the free mobile hotspot they are offering. I currently use a MiFi and it costs me $60/month. It would be great if I could use the Pre for my phone and HotSpot. I also like the Pre Plus form factor and the WebOS.

    I use the Mac OS and though I could tether using the HotSpot it is important for me to be able to tether via USB on the Mac OS. Does anyone know if any of the USB tethering solutions for the Pre Plus suport the Mac OS? Thanks.
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    There are homemade tethering apps that support usb tethering. I use MyTether, but just as wifi. I am not positive it works on macs.

    If it does, you could save some money by getting a pre from sprint instead of verizon.
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    anyone kno if it works on mac i would def buy for work but i have a mac
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    why don't you want to use wifi instead of usb?
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    My DSL messed up for the bazillionth time this weekend. I had my Pre Plus so I decided to give it a try. I connected it to my iMac with a USB cable, selected Just Charging on the Pre. (The Mac sees it as an Airport). Ran the Hotspot app and turned it on. Made sure the Mac saw the Airport as ON. Then ran Firefox...fantastic.
    My son turned on his HP laptop in the back of our house. It connected immediately and we both surfed the web at about the same speed as my previous DSL modem. I am very impressed.
    BTW my iMac was running 10.4 OS. It should work fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jersie View Post
    anyone kno if it works on mac i would def buy for work but i have a mac

    I have a macbook pro (OS X 10.5 Leopard) and a VZW Pre+. It works flawlessly and has been a big pain reliever when I travel (more than 1Mbps often).
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    Having your Pre run 2 tasks for the purpose of 1 thing is kinda unnecessary but for now required when on Mac OS.

    I sometimes use windows and notice all you need is your USB cable and freetether to get a working internet connection.

    But with Mac OS you need your standard wall power source, Freetether and Mobile Hotspot or My Tether.

    It would be nice to get the phone working with strictly the USB connection on Mac OS.
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