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    Google calendar is loading very slow for me today and hangs/doesn't work when it goes to save a new event I am attempting to add. It seems to be working on the Pre, although the new event I added on the Pre isn't showing up on the desktop yet.

    I'm getting the following error on my desktop:

    Line: 38
    Char: 52
    Error: Syntax Error
    Code: 0

    I'm also periodically getting "Google Calendar is temporarily unavailable. Please try back later. In the meanwhile, you might find useful information on our Help Group and Help Center. We apologize for any inconvenience." when I try to access it, and noticed that my weather calendar isn't displaying on the desktop.

    Anyone else? Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Google just posted a note that there is an issue impacting most users.
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    Google Calendar Goes Down

    Yep, that's one reason I don't sync with gmail...

    and here is another....

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