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    I wake up this morning and look a my phone and there's this notification saying that my Pre must do a restore.

    This was odd especially given the fact that I just got this, my fifth replacement, yesterday.

    It wouldn't let me do anyhing else and so I had no option but to hit OK.

    The phone rebooted and came back like it was being used for the first time and I had to activate my phone and go through the initial setup.

    It gets more crazy - even though I logged into my Palm profile, it didn't restore any of my downloaded applications.

    It did however, retain the paches I had installed.

    Has this happened to anyone else?!?
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    It happened to me once. I did a reset and then logged in to my Palm Profile again and it restored everything.
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    Happened to me last night...

    I took a nap, woke up and my phone said it wasn't connected to my Palm Profile anymore and that it would have to reset.

    Once it reset I had to go through the whole setup routine like I did when I first got my phone. All of my programs were there with question marks instead of the icon, and they said they failed downloading from the App Store. I had to manually re-install all of them.
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    This happened to me last week. I got into the car midday and everything was normal. Approximately 5 minutes later I checked the phone and it was in the middle of the restore. All of my apps did get reloaded from my Palm Profile, and my patches were still in place, however, I'm not sure what caused it.
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    Me too. Been in restore loop hell for nearly 2 weeks now. And the Palm profile restoration is somewhat less than reliable. Apps never reload and my contacts and calendar are a maybe. Fortunately I've been able to recover most of my data as I had recently installed the Backup and Save/Restore apps. I'm currently in the process of exporting all my contacts to google so I'm no longer reliant on Palm profile.

    What is odd is that I will be fine for a few days, but then I'll get several prompts to restore in the space of a few hours. Very frustrating.

    The other symptom I have noticed is that something is corrupting and crashing the telephony services which seems to happen right when the phone wakes up (like when a call comes in but not exclusively).

    It's probably well past time to go to the doctor, but I keep hoping I can find and fix the root cause. The first time this happened to me was shortly after I had installed Govnah and Xterm. No reason to suspect those apps and nobody else seems to be complaining about them, but I was mucking around inside Webos before this started.

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