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  • I have in the past, but I don't any more

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    The palmcast guys don't theme their pre's. I did for a while, but I don't any more. How about you?

    If you don't theme, why not?

    For me personally, I don't any more because (in part) I get annoyed at the changing of icons for apps. The themes that I liked changed app icons and that works great until I have to delete and re-install some app, then it's got it's stock icon. I'd rather that all the icons stayed stock.

    But I also have gotten over having the phone look completely different. I'm fine not using theming.
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    I like the slick black theme. Just changes some colors
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    Not me.
    Completely stock Pre here.
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    Theme all the time as a matter of fact!! With so much talent here, it hard not to!
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    No themes.

    I just (this AM) added Preware and 1 patch (Week view on Calendar). Otherwise, I am "stock".

    I must say, the entire Preware add was simple and the instructions were exactly right.

    I'll not "theme" because I see more problem posts associated with that than any other. Also, it seems themes must be removed prior to system updates, but not the others. Thus, NO themes for me.
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    I will install themes if and when they become an integral function of the OS and not a hack which has to be removed prior to any official updates.
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    yep. I go back and forth between 'iphone icons' and OSX. Nice and clean
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    I never was a themer until glass effect suite came out. It looks so nice, I love it.
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    No Themes for me, don't want to remove them all the time for updates.
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    I love the Red Flammable theme.
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    I'm on my third theme. I had to doctor to get the second one off. I'm hoping its a freak accident but if I have to do it again I will not theme anymore.
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    No, I'm quite happy with the appearance of my apps & wallpaper as they are and adding themes seems like an unnecessary hassle.
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    Nope. I had bad experiences with the blackout theme, after that, I never used themes. The stock theme looks nice anyway.
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    Tried some themes after the 1.4.1 patch, really borked my Pre plus up. I'll stick with the stock theme for now.
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    I made my own and love it no issues with it and find it not that big a deal to remove it before updates and then just throw it back on!
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    I was a themer, until the errors appeared for updating. Pre looks great in any case. No more themes for me. Just a new background every now and then
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    I have my own personal collection of patches I made that modify how certain elements look I'd rather customize it to my liking then use something someone else made.
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    I can't stand the non-uniform size of a lot of 3rd party icons when compared to the stock apps so yep I theme. I guess I have a little OCD in me
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    I theme cause I think the default theme is boring and lacks info.

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    I theme and I love it! No problems yet..(knock on wood). I sure as heck wouldn't do it without the awesome support of this board. It def helps knowing when OTA updates are coming so I can uninstall the theme. My favs are the Original Blue theme and the Wonder Woman one I know it's gay but awesome
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