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    Quote Originally Posted by Rombo View Post
    The Pre is primarily a phone with added features. Its primary function was not advertised as it being a GPS. And I can remember when cell phones where just phones too.

    I have a Pre from Sprint and last October I unexpectedly ended up in a rental car without a GPS but I thought that I could use the one in my Pre. I held it up so it was on the dash and had a clear view to the sky and the GPS App couldn't get a satellite. It was terrible I even stopped and tried it to no avail.

    Maybe it works better with the New Web OS 1.4, but it made me remember that I have a phone with bonus features not a primary GPS or anything else for that matter.
    Yes, I can remember when we didn't even have cell phones. I can remember when the first cell phones were as big as my forearm. Times have changed. No, the Pre Plus was not marketed with GPS being its primary function. It WAS marketed as having functional GPS though. So it should. If you bought a brand new car and got home only to realize it didn't have air conditioning or a functional stereo, would be upset even though those aren't the primary functions of a car?
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    I know some of you will jump on me for saying this, but is it really such a big deal that we have new posts every day about the GPS on Verizon? Yeah, I realize that it should work, but it seems to be an obsession for some.

    My Verizon Pre GPS works pretty well. I just went outside and opened Google maps and it showed my exact location in less than a minute. I am using GPS as my locater, not Google Services. And I think it has been well advertised that if your GPS doesn't work, you can simply open VZNav or Trapster or another GPS program and it will generally wake up the GPS.

    I really don't think Verizon is purposefully blocking it from Google. (Yeah, I know what a verizon tech said). It seems more that the Google maps application has trouble activating the GPS chip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    I know there are MANY of you out there like me who flat-out frustrated with the GPS issues on the Pre Plus. We were tricked and deceived into thinking we were getting something on our phones that we didn't get. Verizon is clearly aware of the problem, as is Palm. Yet, we have no solutions. Based on my own experiences and the experiences of MANY MANY MANY others, it seems undeniably clear that Verizon is crippling GPS to try and force individual to subscribe to their service.

    Here is what I'm doing and I hope every frustrated Pre Plus user will do the same: file a report online with the Better Business Bureau. It's very easy to do. Just follow this link and there is an option for filing a complaint against a wireless carrier:

    We've all been around and around with Verizon and Palm about this issue. What is being done is downright dishonest and corrupt and they will not do anything about it. Here is one thing I know: companies as big as Verizon don't really care about their customers, but they do NOT like being reported to the BBB. I once had a billing issue with Sprint that was not being resolved, so I filed a complaint with the BBB. Within 2 days I had an email and phone call directly from Sprint's home offices...not some piddly customer service representative. (this was great b/c I then had a direct email contact to someone who could actually get things done) If we all do our part and file a report against Verizon, this may be our best chance to get something done about this. If Verizon is inundated with hundreds (thousands?) of BBB complaints regarding their corrupt GPS practices, maybe then they'll stand up and take notice.

    Some rules:

    1. Be polite in your BBB report: don't use harsh or foul language. You are just a frustrated consumer who only wants what you were told you would get.

    2. Be specific: explain that many features of the phone do not operate as advertised due to Verizon's crippling of the GPS. These phones were marketed by Palm and Verizon as having GPS (even without VZ Navigator). Verizon's own product description of the Pre Plus describes it as having assisted and standalone GPS.

    3. Make sure to explain that you feel this is a dishonest practice by Verizon. We ALL purchased these phones with the understanding that they had GPS. It is a violation of our rights as consumers for Verizon to cripple non-subscription features of our phones to try and force us to subscribe to their premium services.

    If you are frustrated with the GPS performance of your Pre Plus, then PLEASE file a report with the BBB. I may get resolution if only I file a complaint, but if we ALL chip and let our disatisfaction be know, then we can get something done for ALL Pre Plus users.

    Get the word out on this.
    Better yet cancel your contract and go to sprint, you get better service for less money and a lot more features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by electrical1213 View Post
    Better yet cancel your contract and go to sprint, you get better service for less money and a lot more features.
    I would if I could. Very poor Sprint coverage at my house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    Posting this in all of the GPS threads...
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Please see:
    Thanks. It should also be noted that those are "no whining" zones...

    Hopefully we can close most of the GPS threads.
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