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    I would be devastated. I love my Pre with passion fruit guava. I think we have gotten used to its operating system and how convenient it is not to mention the one and only Touchstone! I have spoke to other people who have the HTC Hero, my friend who currently has the Nexus One and had the N95 Nokia prior to that (At&t). Same friend also told me what he thought about the IPhone and he didn't really like it. He also gave me his two cents about the Pre which he played around with at a Sprint store and has heard all of my praises about it.

    He is a moderator at Howard Forums and knows a lot about smart phones. I mean, he is the ultimate geek. The only thing he said he didn't like about the Pre was the hardware, which I have to agree with. His nexus one has an aluminum hardware design and he said it feels so solid, whereas we can all agree the Pre feels like a plastic toy from McDonald's.

    I think we all have our issues with the Pre as well, with the freezing up and restarting to other minor glitches and we all don't know what the cause is. With patches available and Palm not implementing these into their OS, that is one of the biggest issues a lot of us have had. The simplest of features should have come standard with the Pre. I mean, call durations in the call log and time stamping the dag gone texts for instance is two of many!

    Hopefully, HP is now going to take the Pre to an entirely new level and get some developers from this site to work for them, or at least pay them for their hard work.

    Bottom line, I love my Pre. I think it is so convenient and makes multitasking so easy. It would be a shame if we lost this device. Let's get the Pre 2 going and get some better hardware material, SD slot, 16 GB internal memory, and I think that's all.
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    I feel the same way Mr. Rock, voltage-wise.
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    Talking to yourself is bad enough, but answering yourself is even worse, lol.
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    Well..Thanks to HP, we'll never have to think about the Pre or WebOs going away anymore.
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    The Pre doesn't feel as solid as a one-piece type phone, but isn't that to be expected? My HTC Herald had about as much wobble as my Pre does, but I can't remember anybody having been offended at its "oreo-effect". I have no idea why, but it seems like people sometimes have unreasonable expectations of Palm and will blow small idiosyncrasies that would hardly be felt in other phones up to deal-breaking faults. The constant comparing of January 2009 hardware with April 2010 hardware is something you don't see everywhere either - I've only seen it on these here Palm forums.

    That being said, with HP in the picture, webOS isn't going anywhere - something that nobody could've said for sure a month ago. webOS is no longer the excellent underdog being killed off by the self-fulfilling prophecy of its lack of adoption ("oh, if nobody buys it anyway, i'm not going to buy it for sure") - webOS is now the centrepiece of the world's largest tech corporation's mobile strategy.

    Development takes some time, but you can rest assured that a lot of Devs that wouldn't touch webOS with a ten-foot-pole because they couldn't justify spending time on a system that could very well be dead in a year will jump on the bandwagon now that it's backed by a company that might as well print its own money.
    Similarly, the ignorant statements out of some companies ("webOS can only run HTML and our program cannot be coded in HTML") will cease pretty soon - because when tiny Palm squeaked "hey, no, you can use C, C++, CSS, HTML, Java and Javascript in any sort of mix you like!" it was so much easier to blank it out than when giant HP roars it from the top of its lungs.

    <edit> my girlfriend really, really wants to get a Pixi Plus as soon as her current contract (Nokia 6-something-or-other...) is up, but I'm still hoping to somehow get her to take my Pre off my hands so I can get the C40 as soon as it comes out XD It'd be a win-win situation, wouldn't it...

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