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    Did my own teardown of my Pre to fix a problem. Props to the Sprint store for fixing it for free even though I admitted dropping it in a sink full of water, but the tech didn't put it back together quite right.

    The mirror piece behind the screen was bulging out at one of the top corners, so the slider took a lot more effort to move than usual and the the two pieces weren't sitting flush when the slider was closed. I really didn't want to mess with it and risk having to shell out hundreds to replace it if I screwed up (I'm a month away from my upgrade discount), nor did I want to return to the Sprint store and hassle them about their gracious repair of my phone. But after a few weeks I couldn't take the messed up slider anymore and decided to fix it my dang self.

    It was scary to say the least but's freakin' excellent teardown was very helpful. If any of you need to tear yours down for whatever reason, look at their Palm Pre page first and decide if you want to do it yourself. I have B- mechanical skills at best; it wasn't too bad but I was still super paranoid. Thankfully I didn't have to completely disassemble it, just re-seat the mirror cover on the back of the screen to make everything flush like it's supposed to be. Now my slider works like it used to and everything looks proper when it's closed.

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    thanks for the heads up and the link I hope I will never have to use it

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