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    Can someone help me out, I would like to be able to see video clips off the internet, I havent been able to get any to work, these are not from youtube, just clips off other sites. Is there any software I need to make these work? thanks for the help
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    Most sites require Adobe Flash to view their video content, but there are a few that don't require flash that are formatted so the Pre can view them (MP4) and they usually open in a different card. Flash is supposed to be coming soon though.
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    I can't watch my videos either... I converted them to MP4 but it still doesn't work....
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    Are you talking about downloaded videos or streaming videos?
    The built-in media player doesn't support many codecs. There's a thread (search touchpad and handbrake) that tells how to recode your video files so that the built-in player likes them. There's also a non-free video player in the App Catalog, KalemSoft Media Player, that plays just about everything.
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