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    I have the 800mhz Uber Kernel with Cpu Scaler Ultimate, not many patches running...4x icons v1, add/delete pages. Original Blue theme by Nights.

    After I receive a text message, once the short sound is done, it seems the phone pauses for 3-4 seconds and won't take any text input. Any text while it's paused does not happen after it unpauses.

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    Also, before as I was taking some pictures, the phone stuck and the sound kept repeating for about 3-4 seconds and then it unstuck.
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    These things happen to me sometimes. I run stock.

    I don't worry about it (low blood pressure.)

    You might restart your phone once a day, or not.

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    Used to never happen, since I've done so many Kernel changes, I've decided to doctor the phone and clean it up. I had quite a few things that never seemed to uninstall right and I had to do a few different things to uninstall them, etc. Figured I'd start fresh.

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