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    so overnight without changing anything I have the following issues, just want to see if others have the same problems:

    when I make a call,i cannot hear anything through the phone, when I put it to speaker, it works no problem, also the dialer does not go black when I put the phone to my head.

    as well I cannot play music or hear sound effects, everything is turned on and unchanged from overnight, no idea how these problems came about.

    I can hear txt sound effects and even ringtones, it appears to be very selective!!

    this is my 2nd pre!! Not impressed!!

    I only have a few patches, they have been operating fine since I installed them, like 4x4, multi mod, etc, nothing serious
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    Your Pre is stuck in headset mode, plug and unplug the headphones a few times and see if this does not fix this issue.
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    thanks ill give it a shot!!
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    doesn't seem to be fixing it! Grr...
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    Try this, take some WD40 and lightly spray on the tip of the earphone plug and insert into earphone jack and then remove and clean with a cloth, do this 3 or 4 times and see if this helps, if not you are going to have to exchange it again. DO NOT spray directly into earphone jack.
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    thanks ill give it a shot when I get home

    so what is the mechanical reason? Is there somethng stuck in the headphone jack?
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    It happened to me 6 months ago, dirt/dust gets down into the earphone jack and the trip mechanism sticks in the earphone position, I fixed this issue by cleaning it with WD40. Also, when the jack gets dirty you get static when ever the earphone jack is moved, same thing happened on my ipod and I fixed that too with just cleaning the jack.

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