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    I've rencently had the 1.4.1. upgrade and since then I've had multiple problems with my Pre. The main problem is that I can't install anything from the App Catalogue. I can install from WebOSQI but app catalogue keeps saying

    "This application require x.xxMB. You must delete some apps or files before you can install it. Click help for more infomation"

    I only have about 5 apps and about 12 songs and 15 pictures on the phone. I have 6Gb memory free (when I look in device info).

    Also, I installed Internalz so I could copy my text messages off the device so I wouldnt lose them but it gave the error "ca.canucksoftware.filmgr is not running". I ahve installed this about a dozen times.

    Also have the same problem with preware. It installs but I get the same error (or something similar about services manager I think).

    I am very loathe to hard reset the phone again without any way to back up my text messages.

    Can anyone help as I lost the majority of my data and texts when I had to hard reset repeatedly after the 1.4.1 install.

    Many thanks
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    Any chance anyone can shed any light on this please? I'm really struggling with this now as I can't install Accuweather which I used to use lots. I would hard reset but I can't get Internalz working so can't back up my text messages..... Thanks

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