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    I just got the Pre Plus from Verizon yesterday. I have a few basic and probably stupid questions to ask.

    I have the $30/month unlimited data plan and they gave me free tethering each month up to 5gb. I've heard so many different answers, I'm not sure what to believe.

    Is the "unlimited" really "unlimited" as long as its data on the phone itself. Whereas the 5gb cap only comes into play when you're actually using the wifi hotspot. I don't want to go over 5gb on my phone and be charged, I won't use 5gb tethering so I'm hoping what they said is true.

    With that being said, if I use mytether to connect, will the 5gb cap still come into play or does something with that hack/app, prevent them from knowing or what?


    Pre's are the **** by the way, I love it.
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    Yes it is Unlimited data when it comes to the $30/month plan. That includes unlimited internet, email, and anything that has to do with data. About the 5gb, I Don't know what the extra charges are when you go over that limit but I would try not to get over it.

    Pre's are the ****, And I also love it. Long live WebOS..
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    Nice and thanks for the quick reply. I read this article at, which I thought was a legit place, but the journalist and others talked about the unlimited isn't really unlimited

    The 5gb cap is only for the hotspot useage, which after that is 1.99/mb. But I don't see how any normal person could use more than that, I played modern warfare 2 while tethering last night for an hour and only used 280mb. lmao
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    since the question from the "noobie who is already tethering" has been answered, this thread should be officially called, "Pre's are the ****"

    welcome, and go get a seidio 2600 by the way, so you can REALLY tear up WebOS.
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    Well my "noob" questions were mainly regarding the useage of Verizon plans. I just didn't want to go over lol
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    I manage a bunch of Verizon aircards and they all have 5gb limit before overage charges. (And have for a while). We have some people who use them as their primary internet connection (browsing, Exchange, and various file downloads) and nobody has hit the 5 GB limit yet.

    I guess if you download a movie or two you might be able to get there... or are running a peer to peer operation.
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    Yeah those have 5gb limit as well as the mobile hotspot on the pre, but just using internet, etc on the pre is unlimited right?
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    you are correct. There is no limit on data for anything on the phone itself. The 5g limit is only for data to anotjer device through the hotspot app.

    I've been tethering foe years, never come close to 5g.

    if you use mytether, it will look likw phone use and not part of the 4g cap. But probably violate terms of service.

    there are other threads hear that probably can discuss that aspect.

    but now you know when and how the 5g applies.
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    Sorry to hijack this thread(sorta).. I tether to my home computer for all Internet(only option besides Satellite ) I have gone over 5Gb when I used my USB 720 device and it was painfully expensive. How can I tell what my usage is?
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    Found answer on another post- just dial #DATA and VZW will text you all your usage:data/phone/pix
    If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is...
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    The #data isnt accurate or i guess i should say up to date
    if u are using the usb device on a computer just download the vzw access manager software but again the info it gives u isn't up to date. i use the usb device and its usually a week behind to update the data usage info. if u are using it as your main internet connection be careful because if u are going by what verizon is telling u your data usage is u will be surprised when u get that bill next month. even in the vzaccess manager it says that the info isnt accurate. Not to mention they bill by gb but all there info on usage they give u is by kb. Verizon is screwed up in this situation. watch it carefully or better yet get a seperate program to watch ur data usage DONT TRUST VERIZON !!! i have gotten several bills that they say ive went over my usage and both times they lowered because i was lucky i told them i was using there program to track my usage and even they will tell u its not accurate which is stupid it shoudl be up to the minute. when u log off it should give u a messege saying what u used for that session. so be warned

    as for the data usage any phone data is unlimited its when u get into the tethering and the wifi hotspot usage that the phone creates that there is a limit of 5gb. a couple episodes on hulu can use that up quick . don't hold me to this as i have never played a game on my data card but the 280mbs that u say u used while playing that game seems inaccurate.i stick to just web surfing and an occasional web game and i stay under the 5gb no video and i still manage to get close to that 5gb cap. they are crooks when it comes to going over that cap too so be careful. I would never be able use my data card as my main connection i would go over all the time.

    hope this helps
    ive been using my data card for several years and have had a droid since its release all on verizon. getting a pre plus next month for fiancee

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