I live in the UK and have always been a Palm user of old; owned a Palm Professional, a couple of Sony Clies, couple of Tungstens and most recently a Tapwave Zodiac.

I was very excited about the Pre, but due to costs and the less populated app store and shaky future of Palm I have stayed away but still longingly admired WebOS. Anyway I went for a T Mobile Samsung i5700 Android phone recently (40 for the phone and 10 a month contract (24 months) - low mins but I'm using the 'smart' bit rather than the phone bit!). A brilliant phone for the money and matches the Palm and iphone for features, the Market Place is great, and an eclair 2.1 update coming soon as well :-)

Sorry I'll get to the point. With all the glut of Palm Pres held up in warehouses (if you believe all the reports) and the lack of take up in the UK and the soon to be released Palm Pre+ in the UK - is their going to be some cheap handset only deals to get rid of them? I presume O2 must have some refurbs stocked up as well.

I have a work O2 sim and would be happy to shell out some cash to use this in a Palm Pre (I don't get a T Mobile signal at work anyway) - just to keep the faith and have an extra gadget to play with ;-)

Does anyone here work for O2 or know of any rumours or suggestions?

Ebay Pres are way too expensive (watched a couple this week and they both went for 170+!!) - I'm sure this price should be much lower all things considered.

Sorry - I'm not devaluing the Pre - just a keen potential Palm fiddler but with a limited budget - and obviously not after another contract.