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    So I was listening to music through the speaker on my Pre today, when all of a sudden in the middle of a song, the sound became all distorted and muffled.

    Now every sound that the phone makes, whether its a ring tone, a text, or anything else, sounds terrible. (Yes I have restarted multiple times to no avail)

    Is this a common problem among Pre users? If so, is this grounds for a free replacement? Seeing as I really had nothing to do with this happening, other than using the phone in a way myself and others do everyday, I would think it is.

    Also, if they do decide to replace my phone for me, will they give me a new Pre at the store, or will I have to wait for a refurb to be mailed? I've had to wait for a refurb once before because my previous Pre was stolen. The refurb they gave me was in less than stellar condition hardware wise, but I put up with it rather than going through the hassle of sending it back and waiting two more days for another. I would really like to avoid a situation like this if possible.

    Anyone with experience in dealing with this type of issue, your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    this is my most common problem. I usually go to the sprint store and they order a replacement which arrives next day if you do it before 2p I think they next day fedex them. They told me to come back after 2p I got the phone # of store to make sure it is there first to avoid waiting.

    did not like the way the rep tried to imply I damaged it (scratches on case) this is a COMMON PROBLEM for the Pre which I have tolerated due to the insurance I pay for each month. I don't think I ever got a brand new phone, but as long as I have a working phone I am good. Would love an upgrade to a palm pre plus but leaving sprint pricing plan is not worth it!

    I have lost count of my exchange/refurbished phones
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah I wouldn't mind having a refurb mailed to the store as long as it will be ready for me to pick up within a day or two. I just hope I can get one that's in good condition, unlike the first one I had mailed to my house which was in pretty sub par condition with a lot of oreo, and a real big gap on the left side of the phone.

    I'll fight the store rep tooth and nail if he tries to imply that its my fault because the phone has a couple dents and dings in it from just every day wear and tear.
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    how did it work out?

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