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    Ok, I know that this is a known problem. Has it been determined that it is purely a hardware issue, or does running patches also cause this?

    I am on my 4th Pre, where my second phone also had this issue. It was replaced at no cost to me, but still, I am getting really sick of all the problems with this phone. If I go back to the Sprint store, I would be getting my 5th Pre. WebOS is awesome, but there is a limit to my patience!
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    I had this problem. Instead of the official battery shim, I put in a small folded sheet of paper at the top of the battery.
    Problem solved...
    Weird thing is, my paper fell out during some battery pull and the problem didn't come back.
    As always, your milage may vary.
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    You previously posted that you are running an after market battery (amzer 2800), are you still running it?
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    Every post I have read about this issue has shown to be purely hardware.

    Sigh for the paper fix, but I guess a lot of people don't mind it. If you take it to a Sprint store apparently their is a foam fix they offer.
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    As much as I hate to advise you to do this, you can use a small piece of business card folded up and place it between the battery and Pre body (if you're still using a stock battery). I've got no experience if you're using the larger 2800 battery.

    It this is the issue, this workaround does work (I speak from experience).
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    I'm still using the paper in the battery fix. I have a release day Pre and stock battery.
    Its been the only problem I've experienced and the fix works!
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    I had this problem awhile ago, and went over to a Sprint service store nearby. I was talking with the technician and he said that Palm issued a technical bulletin regarding this problem awhile back. Apparently, there was a bad batch of batteries where some of the cells are getting damaged, and it causes the battery to bulge ever so slightly in the middle. The bulge causes the battery to be ever so slightly bent. Sometimes when the slider is closed, it causes enough movement to momentarily separate the battery from the contacts, causing the phone to shut down.

    The tech compared my battery model to the tech bulletin, ordered a new battery, and I never had the problem again. This was a few months ago, so I'm assuming the bad batch should be out of circulation, but maybe not or maybe some are taking longer to break than others.

    This might explain why the "paper" fix works.

    The tech showed me the difference between my bad battery and the good battery. It was only a slight difference, but I could feel the bulge in the middle of the bad battery.

    NumberPro: when you got your phones replaced, did they give you just a refurb phone, and the same old battery? If so, that might explain why you continue to have the problem. I know when I had my old Treos, they would switch the phone out and keep the old battery. Don't know what they do with the Pre.
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    Yeah, sorry, forgot to mention that I am running the extended 2800 battery. Still, I was running this battery for 6 months with no problem. Even when Sprint replaced my Pre, I stuck on the extended battery and had no problems. Only in the last 2 weeks, when I finally decided to take the plunge and apply patches did it start acting up. I also had the 800 mhz kernal (which was awesome!), but then had random reboots, so I went back to the stock kernal.

    I will try the paper fix, also try cleaning the battery contacts, and see what happens. If I am *very* careful in closing the slider, then there is no reboot, so maybe it is a hardware problem. I will update on the results later.

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