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    I'm on my THIRD Palm Pre now (still within 28 days) and all have had the same problem.

    The 1st one (which died during a WebOS upgrade) had a horrid static cracking noise in the background. This was replaced with a brand new handset by O2.

    The 2nd one was sent back to O2 because of its horrid static cracking noise in the background. This was once again replaced with a brand new handset by O2.

    The 3rd one has also (yes you guessed it) got the same horrid static cracking noise in the background

    Now I've not got super K9 hearing but I can definitely tell the difference between when I use my old crappy HTC and my new sexy Palm Pre... even my really old Samsung didn't have this issue.

    I was hoping I just had a dodgy handset.. but ALL three... thats just not feasible!

    I absolutely love this handset but not sure I can live with that buzz... certainly can't recommend this phone to a friend knowing it does that. Is there anything that can be done to resolve this?
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    So basically NOBODY has any ideas how to solve this!

    I absolutely love this phone, WebOS is better than the software on the Iphone and absolutely murders Andriod (trust me) but maybe the hardware lets this phone down

    I can't live with that sound so perhaps I'm gonna have to ditch this
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    I only have this happen when I prop the phone between my ear and my shoulder. I fixed it by not doing that.
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    I have had something similar happen to me and my last 3 Pres I have had. This has happened within about the last 1.5 months. My static happened while on a call and it was only on my end. It basically sounds like you get quick interference or something along those lines, but the person on the other end doesn't hear it.
    I just got one replaced about 1 week ago and I am having the same issue again. I took my last one to a repair store and they told me the radio failed their testing specifications so they gave me a refurbished one.
    I am actually going back in to have them test the one they gave me as it is doing it again.
    Not sure if this is the same issue as you, but I would take it to a Sprint repair store and have them run a radio test on it. FYI..not all Sprint repair stores have the same testing equipment.

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