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    Hey guys,

    Just a quick question,

    I am having my Pre replaced tomorrow (hopefully) due to "case wobble" and am also having my SIM card replaced for a 3G enabled one. I have just backed up my phone to Palm Profile

    A - What does the backup actually back up? I have to swap SIM cards so hopefully it saves contacts and the email accounts I have set up?

    B - How to I actually restore the info back onto my phone with the new SIM card? I can't see a restore option anywhere..............

    Thanks in advance
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    A: Yes to all. It backs up everything except for third party apps' saved information. It als does not back up anything homebrew obviously.

    B: Once you get your new phone, it will have you log-in and everything will be back to normal. Oh, and by the way, go to your settings and the restore option is there.

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