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    Out of all the issues that I have with my Pre Plus, this is the most annoying part of all. I use Gtalk more than anything on my phone. And I go offline and I am not able to get back on. It's trying to singing in but it's just stay there for a long time and go offline again. I know how to fix it, I can just delete the account and add it back in. I think that's only thing I can do to fix this problem but I don't think it should be the solution.

    Please help me how to fix this issue. Thanks.
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    Looks like it's happening everyday now. Today, I had to delete the account again and add it back in. Then it works perfectly fine for now. Anyone got answer for this issue? You guys always claims how great this community is yet i haven't found any tips on many issues. I searched this issue on google and I did find other people had this issue so I can't be the only one. Please help. I really like to keep this phone.
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    My gtalks does that too and i had to delete it more than not sure whats going on with gtalk on pre. also i have sprint and i notice that when im on the phone and i get a txt my gtalk is the only thing that logs me out my aim n yahoo stays online i just wont get messages until i get off the phone. imnot sure if anyone else have this problem or payed it any mine.
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    I have same issue with my gtalk. Please help. I do have few issues but this is the most annoying one at the moment.
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    I also had that issue. I had to remove the gtalk account, restart the Pre and then add the account back in. We'll see how long it lasts.
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    My Google Talk does not work when I'm at work and have WiFi turned on. If I have WiFi on it does what you're describing with the Signing In stuff. I turn off the WiFi and it signs in fine. And Google Talk works fine when I'm at home on WiFi. There's something about the WiFi network I connect to at work (it's not my work's network but the pizza place next door that has free WiFi) that messes up the Google Talk. Don't know if that helps you at all but I figured I'd put it out there for anyone else having weird problems that seem random.
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    I know this is an old post, but I'm having the same problem and there is a serious lack of info on this issue. As soon as I turn off wifi, I can connect fine, but if I turn off wifi, it logs off and I can't sign back in. I get an "unable to connect to server" error if I try to re-add the account, and when trying to log in through messaging it just tries for a while then goes back offline. I've definitely been able to use google talk over wifi before (at least I think I was, anyway), and I haven't installed any patches lately that would mess this up.

    Anyone have any new info about this issue, or can you just not use google talk with wifi (which would be ridiculous)?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for reviving an old thread, but figured this wasn't solved, so might as well add to it.
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    can I still get gvoice even is I am not on anyone carrier service
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    okay so I read this suggestion and attempted to remove my Gtalk acount from messaging, then re-add it... but when I hit remove it says Removing account... but won't finish removing it. Then it won't allow me to sign in. Multiple reboots won't fix this problem. Help! D:
    p.s. It won't let me sign in again, nor ad the same account twice. This is the gmail account linked to my palm profile.
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    I don't know if this will work but I read on a different thread about the same problem and they said to install the messaging plugins patch that adds the functionality for more IM clients. I have the same problem with my google talk so I will be trying this fix soon.

    According to the people in the thread that patch uses a newer build of the gtalk framework while the pre uses older versions. Try it out to see if it works.
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    unfortunately I need to remove my gtalk account before installing those plugins! is there any way to force-remove an account?
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    A couple things to try:

    shut down the phone and remove the battery for like 30 seconds, then reboot.

    try removing your contacts google account (from contacts app). This is the "main" google account, so maybe that would help.

    Might need to do a partial reset/full reset. this will reset the apps and linked accounts and then readd them upon restart.

    I have also tried the new messaging plugins and they do NOT solve this problem for me, but the issue turned out to be a router issue.

    At work and at home this works on those routers/wifi, but at my parents house (they have a linksys e1000), it does not. Must be some router settings. Palm support also suggested its the router. The only thing that doesn't work on this router is the gchat; I can access internet and all other online functionality fine.

    I havn't had time to look into what settings are different or contact linksys support, so i have no idea why it doesn't work on that router.

    It should be noted though, that while the messaging plugins didn't make this work, they didn't break anything, except that I can never successfully uninstall them and they usually get stuck in a weird state, which would be a problem on any further update, so I tend to not install them due to this. Don't get me wrong though, they do add a lot of functionality and what they propose to do (update the framework) seems like a good thing to have in general if you don't plan on upgrading the phone, or if you do plan on upgrading, use the doctor.

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