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    three pres for me.

    and yes i rhymed on purpose
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    8. lol. tomorrow my 9th.
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    Got mine release day & was really happy with it. Now I'm on my third Pre, but it was my fault every time.

    1st: I dropped it & broke the power button...Very Sad
    2nd: Once again I dropped it & couldn't live with the crack, but Palm was cool & replace it with there advance exchange program.
    3rd: I will never let it go again (I Hope).......

    Ive had a smart phone for the past 8 years, as you can see by my signature. I think WebOs is the best platform i have seen. I have given Android & Iphone there 30 day trials & find Webos better in every way. But this is just my opinion. The Evo is pretty, but lacking many things i find essential. Mainly not running WebOs......
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    On my third, but my fourth arrives tomorrow (Verizon).
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    5th Pre for me. Hardware problems and lots of dead pixels ( 5 on one of the Pre's ) but the 5th one seems to be working well. no oreo ( so far ) 2 dead pixels and the back case "creaks" when I type...

    anyone know a fix for the creaky back cover?

    Take Care
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    I'm on number four since launch day...just picked up my replacement today from Best Buy. That Black Tie program sucks...they had me without a pre for a full month. Still, wouldn't change to another phone unless it's a new WebOS device.
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    Currently on my 2nd but the reason I am on my 2nd is more of an lcd screen issue (what I mean it can happen to any LCD screen). I ended up getting a stuck pixel over time. So far that has been my only issue with the phone. Other then that it has been great. The other small issues I trace back patches.
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    On my 4th Pre.
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    Working on #8, since launch day on Sprint.
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    First and only. Sprint launch day. Going strong.
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    Verizon. 2nd Pre due to horrible keyboard issue.
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    Still on my first sprint pre since november.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taalibeen View Post
    I got my Pre (first one) on launch day. In just a few minutes I'm going to pick up my 5th Pre (have had a lot of hardware problems).

    I'm just curious if anyone out there has me beat on the number of times they've had to get a replacement Pre.
    Seems like you have really bad karma

    I'm still on my very first device and it gets better every day
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    Old topic.
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    1st Pre, but its about to die, having more and more problems every week, I just hope I can last out until the Pre2, because I don't have insurance or money for a replacement.
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    Im on my third one and lovin it.
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    Still have my first one, going to get a replacement today.
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    There are 8 on my account since late last summer. 2 have been replaced.
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    still on first; don't have had any issues. never been doctored. on ground floor of patches and homebrew.
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