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    I've had 1.4.1 installed since it came out. After that, I remember seeing the new lock screen once (I'm referring to the one where you still see whatever was on the screen when it locked and the unlock button on the bottom), but it then went away. I prefer the old lock screen, since it allows me to see notifications without having to unlock the phone. (By the way, I am referring to when the Pre is on the Touchstone. When it's not, the screen is always black.)

    Yesterday, the new lock screen enabled itself again somehow and it didn't go away. Now, whenever my phone is on my Touchstone (pretty much all day), I see whatever was there before, I don't see notifications (only the minimized version with the icons on the bottom) and the screen never shuts off. I don't have the "no auto-off while charging" patch installed (I just double-checked) and, in fact, I haven't installed any patches in over a week, so I have no idea how this could have gotten enabled.

    Anybody else seen this behavior?

    Any way to disable the new lock screen? There is nothing in the Screen & Lock settings.

    Any way to have my screen shut off while charging? Pressing the Power button doesn't do it either.

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    It is not a new lock screen, just a tiny hiccup. I have had about twice and in both intances it has reverted back to its normal self within 10 mins. Try rebooting your pre, press orange+sym+r and see if that solves it.
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    It's actually a bug, not a new lock screen. Restart your device and it should go away.
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    I restarted Luna and the hiccup went away. You guys rock!

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