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    This involves legal authorities so I won't be able to just take the phone with me a to Sprint store or anything like that. They will let me turn the phone on in from of them.

    I might have forgot the PIN though.

    What can be done to bypass the PIN AND save ALL existing information on it. In particular text messages. The phone has not been upgraded to 1.4 yet.

    I MUST have text messages. Thanks.
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    This sounds like a can of worms that i don't want to open, sorry.
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    If dev mode is enabled you can use WOSQI to get the db file that stores the messages.
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    I don't think dev mode is enabled....

    Man....I hope I remember the PIN.
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    You should be able to get a copy of the text messages from your cell provider. it will probably take a subpoena but it can be done.

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