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    Is anyone else having a problem with the ringer switch on their Pre? I can have it set to silent or ringer and the phone keeps switching itself from ring to silent. It does this several times an hour. I never know which mode it's set in at a given moment. I usually leave the ringer switch to silent while I'm at work. To help combat the problem, I have the ringer volume turned all the way down. This issue also causes my battery to drain even faster than it normally would because each time it switches itself, it lights up the screen and does a quick vibrate. This problem is very annoying.

    Am I the only one having this problem?
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    I had the dodgy system sound pop up in 1.4 a few times but have never come across this. Sounds like you might have a faulty ringer switch, check that it is all the way across and nothing is blocking it.
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    The physical switch easily slides all the way into the correct positions. So I'm thinking that it must be a hardware issue. But before I go to the Sprint store today, I just wanted to make sure that this isn't a common problem with this phone.
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    I'm having similar issues - switch seems to be physically working, but the Pre switches between silent and audible by itself. BT headset performance is also dodgy - its weird behavior seems to coincide with when the phone puts itself in "silent mode"
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    Found a test for you to try. go into 'device info', click the preferneces in top left corner, click 'tests', 'interactive tests', 'hardware buttons' and this will test your ringer switch as one of the options.
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    Hardware tests were normal. I did delete the BT headset profile, then re-paired. This seemed to solve the problem...for a little while. Now its back to the intermittent issues described above. Maybe a headset conflict? But the headset is not new - been using it for months...
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    Found a test for you to try. go into 'device info', click the preferneces in top left corner, click 'tests', 'interactive tests', 'hardware buttons' and this will test your ringer switch as one of the options.
    Thanks for the PM. I tried the test and it was non-responsive. I guess the ringer switch is faulty. I'm stopping by a Sprint store after work. I'll show them this test. Thanks for letting me know about it. I hadn't seen that testing screen before. Very handy.
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    I had the same problem. It was the ringer, they replaced my phone because it was under the Palm warrenty.
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    I just had to have mine replaced because of the a ringer switch problem. Mine would not go into mute/vibrate. No matter what position the switch was in it would always ring. I stopped by sprint they looked at it and ordered me a replacement.
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    Guys, this has to be a Patch problem, because my ringer has been turning itself off on its own, causing me to sleep through my alarm a few mornings. I have gotten texts throughout the day, and then a couple hours later, I notice that I didn't hear my incoming text alert. I then hit the up volume up button and the volume was all the way down!!

    This has been happening for the past week now. The ringer on/off switch has not been showing any sign of problems, and I've restarted my phone many times, and took the battery out for a few min, and then put it back. Still no luck. I don't know what to do.
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    I know that my problem is not related to any patches. I haven't installed any on the phone.

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