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    Just an FYI. I went to sprint finally to complain about my new (1 month) phone and having to use a piece of folded paper in the battery compartment. The rep said "oh yeah they have spacers out now to fix that." He took my phone in back for 5 min ... Problem solved... Folded paper gone.
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    really...I think I need one myself

    . good looking out!
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    Pretty sure its just a foam pad.
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    I haven't had the battery issue, but it's a bad reputation for Palm that they release a product that consumers have to jam a piece of paper into to make the battery work.
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    oddly enough ive never had the battery problem with my pre that i bought august 2009....until a few days ago. it happened once. mustve been a fluke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaferz View Post
    Pretty sure its just a foam pad.
    I'm sure it is, but it beats a jacked up piece of paper...
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    Hi, I know at first Pres came without them. But then Palm got wise to the accidental-shut-down-when-closing situation and started including battery spacers in new phones. Does anyone know if the newest Pres still have battery spacers?

    I just got a refurb in the mail and it didn't have a spacer. I sent it back because I thought it was missing a spacer and order another refurb by mail. That one didn't have a spacer either.

    1. the newest Pres don't have the spacer (maybe Palm fixed the issue without a spacer)
    2. I just happen to be unlucky and both refurbs I received were the really old kind without spacers.

    Could someone who recently bought a new Pre from Sprint let me know if they have a battery spacer?

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    What function do these spacers serve? I've had my new phone a couple of days and, 4 or 5 times now, i've noticed it "randomly" shutting off, but I think it's happening when I close my phone right as the screen turns off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown91 View Post
    What function do these spacers serve?
    They take up the slack in the battery compartment so that the battery contacts make a good physical connection to the phone.

    Some phones have too much "play" in the battery compartment and any type of movement, such as closing the keyboard causes the battery to momentarily lose connection which then makes the phone reboot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toomin View Post

    Could someone who recently bought a new Pre from Sprint let me know if they have a battery spacer?

    My Pre is about a month and a half old and the battery is wedged very tightly into the phone. No spacer needed.

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