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    Always been curious about this...

    I have quite a few contacts that have the same home phone number as each other and when I receive a call from one of them, from that number, the photo that shows is up in the call display is one of those contacts. Of course there's no way to know who is calling from the number but is there anyway to disable photos in this scenario?

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    Don't assign a photo to those contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpionSoul View Post
    Don't assign a photo to those contacts.
    Great idea. The only issue is that it's pulling the photos from my Facebook account. Anyway to disable the FB photos for these contacts?
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    Go into those contacts and tap on the picture... should bring up all profiles you have for them. Tap on the facebook profile and select "unlink this profile".
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    Not sure about that. Worth a try if it fixes your issue, though.
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    How about assigning the same photo to both contacts?
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    You can add those contacts to your Palm profile, don't assign a photo, then set the Palm Profile as their Primary Profile. I THINK that will work. If it doesn't, add a family photo or even a graphic that says something like Doe Family. If that's the photo for the Primary Profile, it's what will show up when they call.

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