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    Does Jason Robitaille monitor the threads for his patches? I'm asking because myself and another user posted issues we're having with his Ad Blocker patch and he hasn't responded there or to a PM I sent him.

    I realize he's a very busy person - his output of apps & patches is simply amazing. I'm not in any way criticizing his response time, I'm just trying to find out the best way to contact him for feedback on his patch.


    BTW I want to echo what others have said. He accomplishes the amazing for the Pre line. I'm amazed that someone outside Palm seems to be able to get such intimate knowledge of the system. Why hasn't Palm hired him yet?
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    he will now... lol
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    yes, I respond to my threads, and due to the high volume of emails/PM, a fair many I don't get to answering. In the case of the ad blocker patch, I'm honestly not sure why it'd cause the issues described
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    Thanks for replying. I just wasn't sure if you monitored. I didn't know if there was some special way to contact you.

    Thanks again for all your wonderful work!


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