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    Before you all ask, I did try the power button, however the power button does not work. How can I get the pre to turn on otherwise?
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    Did you hold it?
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    you could always plug it in to charge if the power button is truly broken
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    Put it on charge, it should turn on automatically in about a minute or at least give you some action on the screen. If your screen has done nothing within of 5 mins on charge, try the power button for a few secs while on charge.
    if that fails pull the battery and then replace and try again. Let us know if that works.
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    I know for a fact the button does not work, I was about to doctor my phone, and had to do a battery pull when the phone was trying to restart(hence the reason for doctoring, it continuously freezes during shutdown, requiring a battery pull, and now the power button issue)
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    I'm assuming it also does not respond to sliding open the keyboard?

    You may have the dreaded spontaneous shut-down issue. I've found it QUITE annoying. Fortunately, it's not frequent for me.
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    I had this issue once, where my phone wouldn't turn on or respond to anything. It started one night and still wouldn't turn on in the morning. Then a little bit later it randomly worked. I don't know why.
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