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    Decided the Pre was not for me and got an Incredible that is now on my phone number. I am giving the Pre to my wife. I thought the best way to do this would be a factory reset. So I did the "erase all" option, the phone reset, and when it came back up, it asked for what language to use. I selected english and then the screen said "phone activated" and went to the screen to create a profile. I entered the info to create a profile for my wife and hit submit, and it said that I needed to be in a service area. I am in a service area and I am guessing the phone is still programmed to my phone number. I can't get to a dialer to do a *228 to switch it to my wife's number. What do I need to do?
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    You need to assign the ESN to your wifes number
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    You need to assign the ESN to your wifes number
    I know..but I think the phone needs to be programmed to my wife's number. That is what a *228 would do. The activation seems to have skipped that step and went right to profile creation.

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    Can you go online to your Verizon account? You can change the esn there.

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