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    I really like to enjoy my Palm Pre Plus but there's just too many issues with the phone and lack of features. I am planning to exchange my phone with new Pre tonight and if these issues are still there, I will probably give up on my phone.

    1. Music player crashes my Pre Plus, this happened after update.
    2. Gtalk, very often it tried to login but it doesn't until I delete the account and add it again.
    3. Even after, I still double type letter sometime not often. But still annoying.
    4. Battery life. Initially I thought I used it too much. So one day I tested it out, I barely used the phone, and it didn't last more than 10 hours, totally not acceptable.
    5. Skype isn't available and it doesn't look like it's coming to Pre.
    6. Only got Gtalk and AoL. I know there's homebrew to add more chat but I am not interested on Homebrew.
    7. Lack of apps, but even if there's apps, what's the point, I can't use them because my battery will run out within 3 to 4 hours if I use them all the time.
    8. And it's so hard to open the battery case. Yeah, I had to open the back to pull out my battery once because my pre plus freezed.
    9. Takes forever to open Google map. It usually takes one to two minutes to open Google map, I use this map alot to see the traffic report, it helps alot, wish it works little faster.

    Anyway, I think my currently Pre Plus is defected. So may be after I change to new one, most of my problem may go away. I still have time til May 14th. Let's hope for the best.
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    I changed my Pre Plus today aftger work. They gave me brand new phone right out of the box. I brought it home and I updated to the latest And I put about 30 songs and I played for about 10 min before it reboot again. So I went back to music app, and clicked on one song, it rebooted again. I think the problem didn't go away. I thought it was the mp3 files that I had was the problem, so I got different mp3 files, and it crashed my pre plus.

    Anyone else have this issue? maybe it's because it's Korean songs? maybe the font on the music cause it to crash? Maybe I should put all english songs and try it again. But this won't help me since I am listening to Korean songs.

    This really sucks.
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    BTW, i haven't had chance to test other stuffs but I got new issue with this new phone. I can't log into Yahoo email account any more. I didn't have that issue before, that's also suck big time.
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    Have you changed the account settings to yahoo so that it knows it is a yahoo account and not gmail?
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    I haven't had any issues with the Music Player. I do hate the battery life but now that I have 2 touchstone chargers I don't even realize how much I charge now since it's so easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    I haven't had any issues with the Music Player. I do hate the battery life but now that I have 2 touchstone chargers I don't even realize how much I charge now since it's so easy.
    Yeah, that's why I have charger in my office, my car and my house. but what if i go out for awhile? Like I did on Friday night. I go out after work, I took my phone out of charger. And I came home around 1am, my phone was out of power. Awsome, i guess I have to bring my charger to the bar and ask a bartender if i can charge my phone while I am drinking.
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    I love the phone. Don't appear to be having any of the software issues you guys are having. Gps sucks and battery life is lame, but no other "software" related problems. However, I have had my phone for about tow weeks and it seems the slider is getting looser by the minute. It started out with a tight feel, but now its realy loose. Is this normal? Is this the "oreo" thing I have seen mentioned. do all pre "loosen' up over time.
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    well I listen to japanese music and I have no problems with my music player. I have used nanplayer, music app, and music remix. They all work fine.

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