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    Which is better for battery life and speed? Also Uber-Kernal and CPU Scaler Ultimate or Uber-Kernal and Govnah...what's better. Thanks.
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    I've found them to be more or less equal. I think the super kernel is geared to be more of a mainstream release, whereas the uber kernel is meant to be more cutting edge and experimental.
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    From caj2008

    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    It is better for the good of the forum that people continue with Uber as that will continue to be supported by updates down the road . I took a lot of heat and had accusation thrown at me that made me too uncomfortable to continue (SPK distribution may be done by anyone, just not me any longer). Please reread my posts as I am very clear what my motives awere and who did what.

    Thank You
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    I don't where else to post this. First, I really, really want to thank the developers of the Super Pre Kernel. I think the information, the ease, even the video for installation was outstanding.

    It is running great for me and so many others who have downloaded this kernel.

    I have read some of the comments, especially on the closed forums and hate that the bickering has brought an end to this outstanding group of developers who have done so much for the members. I do not understand all the technicalities and info, but that is why I appreciate the work that has made non-technies like me benefit from their time and abilities to work for us.

    So a big thanks.

    I do have a question, not about better or best. I and many others are currently running the Super Pre Kernel with zero problems. I see and understand there will be no support in the future. I intend to run and make no changes until the next update comes out from Palm, where we would have to uninstall the kernel, reverting to 500 speed for update.

    Is it safe to say that at that time, support would probably be required for their changes and compabilitity with kernels, that changeover to Uber would then be required to prevent future problems?

    Thank you for the answer or answers.
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    As I understand it, Super PreKernel was a method of packaging up the original overclocking kernel developed by unixpsycho and tested and spearheaded by caj8000. It was developed against webOS 1.4.0 using that kernel as its basis. When came out, there were some changes (to what extent I do not know) to the kernel, but for the majority of users (myself included), the 1.4.0 kernel continued to work just fine. Various people developed add-ons for this kernel, such as the scaling apps.

    Meanwhile, the webos-internals people began work on a kernel (uber kernel) based on the kernel sources, and incorporating unixpsycho's overclocking modifications. They also developed govnah as a means of sending calls to the Linux cpufreq system to control CPU speed governors and their settings. Once uber kernel became available I switched over to that, as I prefer to use preware (personal preference).

    Other people have worked on experimental kernels (I have lost track of who has done what). From the first public release, uber kernel has incorporated a module that determines the temperature of the cpu itself. rather than using the battery temperature as a best guess of cpu operating temperature. Additionally, the latest release of uber kernel incorporates a new governor that adjusts the CPU speed based on the status of the screen: when turned on it will kick up the speed to 800MHz (or whatever you set it to) and drops the speed down to 500MHz (or whatever you set it to) when the screen is off.

    The kernel that was in the Super Prekernel was pioneering work, but it was already suffering from bitrot; using the 1.4.0 kernel was apparently causing problems for a subset of Verizon users after they upgraded to Without a kernel dev, there was probably a point at which it would have stopped working anyway. The uber kernel is based on the kernel sources for the current release of webOS. As such there will probably be lag between when a release comes out and when uber kernel is available again, and I believe the packaging will refuse to install if it is not on the correct version of webOS. As to how politics and personalities played into this, it is a matter of record on this forum and in other places, and people may draw whatever conclusions they wish.
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    I have not picked up the "Super Kernel" but I have switched between the 141 unixpsycho 800mhz and UberKernel and I can definitely say the menus seem just a tiny bit faster which makes a difference for me.

    I'm currently back to the 1.4.1 unixpsycho kernel but I think I'm going to try Super when I get home tonight.
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    ...unixpsycho is the founder of the mods to the kernels, SuperPreKernel AND Uber-Kernel

    caj led the SPK's distribution for the public

    Uber-Kernel is distributed by webosinternals for testing of new features

    Please read at least the summary on this page:

    It covers Uber-Kernel, Super Pre Kernel, AND any other kernel modifications that exist.
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    I missed all the drama. What happened with the dev of the 800 ipk? Accusations? What accusations?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    I missed all the drama. What happened with the dev of the 800 ipk? Accusations? What accusations?
    It's not as simple as that as multiple people had a hand in various aspects of this.

    unixpsycho (Marco) - did the original development of the overclocking kernel mods (to add the 720mHz and 800mHz ability).
    caj - did the testing, marketing, etc., and was the primary driving force behind the beginning of third party kernels.

    number1pete and Jason Robi... (I apologize, don't know how to spell your last name) contributed other parts to this as well, including building the ipks.

    unixpsycho, and number1pete are still involved in some form or fashion. I am not sure if Jason still has involvement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    I missed all the drama. What happened with the dev of the 800 ipk? Accusations? What accusations?
    It's best we let it alone.

    Okay to discuss in PM, but let's leave it out of the forums.

    Just call me Berd.
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    Wow. Okay. Last thing I'll say is it's really too bad.

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