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    I'm having problems getting my pre to tether with my laptop. I'm trying to use mobile hotspot to do this but it will just not work.

    I have an upto date pre 1.4.1. I have used the methods via this forum to get it to work but it is no good. I've been using the bell method to get it to work as I've read that should be ok for o2 uk customers. The problem is that when I start the app and switch on MBH and connect my laptop to the it my phone signal disappears so I have no data connection. I have read that sometime the 3G signal will go but come back again but mine just goes and doesn't return!!! My pre's MBH connection to the laptop doesn't drop at all it's just that my pre loses it's o2 data connection. What am I doing wrong?

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    I also observed this when I was using MBH and older version of MyTether. Now I use MyTether ver. 2.1.1 and it works great (O2 UK) - no loss of data connection anymore.
    Try MyTether 2.1.1.

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